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What is Sisters in Sync?  

S.I.S. (Sisters in Sync) is an initiative that bridges encouragement, sisterhood and mentorship. 

The term "sis" has been thrown around so loosely that women have forgotten how important it is to support one another. S.I.S. is a re-commitment to sisters truly being one another's cheerleaders and confidants. 

Sisters in Sync offerings: 

  • T.B.T. (2 per month)

    • Truth be Told Tuesdays​

  • One on one digital mentoring sessions (by appointment)

    • Purpose mapping 


S.I.S. Founder

Author, friend, confidant, visionary, mentor and strategist are but few words that describe Natalie McKinney.


Natalie is the founder of Sisters in Sync. She has a passion for  using her gifts to inspire others. 

Sisters in Sync is an initiative that Natalie believes can change the trajectory of young women's lives one Tuesday at a time. 

Sisterhood has become a pillar in Natalie's life and she is excited to extend that space of connection to every young woman in the S.I.S. network. 

A word from our founder:


Honestly, I should have launched S.I.S. in 2018. I had been given the first wave of ideas for S.I.S. in 2018. But, I let fear hold me hostage. I let my head narratives get the best of me. But then, I became frustrated with fear by the end of 2018.

I got tired of flirting with my purpose and never entertaining it properly; I got tired of running from my assignment. 


So, I submitted to my purpose. I launched S.I.S. in the fourth quarter of 2019 not only because it was time, but because I believe that it was needed.

Young women in college and early adulthood need a place where they can be uplifted, celebrated and mentored. That place may only be digital; but it exists. That place is the Sisters in Sync (S.I.S.) network. Welcome home, my sisters.

In Sync,


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