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Being part of our network is key to the Sisters in Sync movement! We can go far together but first, YOU have to sign up! And here's the best's free! Yep, this a community that aims to reach for you and not your pocket! Read the information below and  join the Sisters in Sync Network today! 

Who is S.I.S. for? ​
The S.I.S. network has been crafted for young women between the ages of 18-28. This pivotal age gap is pertinent for establishing one's life. Between these ages, a young lady is no longer a child and she is not quite the woman that she hopes to become. 
We have found that this is the prime intersection between mentorship and potential. Drive and sustainability. So, whether you are fresh out of high school and entering college, or perhaps  you are diving into the workforce head-first, S.I.S. has something for you! 
How will this work? What are Truth Be Told Tuesdays? 
~Our main points of connection are digital. Truth be Told Tuesdays (T.B.T.) are the sacred times of each month when we are gathered together and a group mentoring session occurs. 
  • The first Tuesday of each month is when our Mentor Moment is published. 
  • The third Tuesday of each month is when the Podcast/Video is released (this is where the respective Mentor Moment is discussed in more detail and your questions are answered) 
  • However, in between our T.B.T.s, one on one mentoring sessions can be offered upon appointment! 
Sign Up Below!
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